Eu / Me

 with the Xodo in San Francisco  
In São Paulo

in Nepal 2007
 in Amparo, SP
Brooklyn, NY near my 53rd Birthday

in San Francisco
Yosemite, 2010
With my Mom at Mike & Gail's
at CSUS with Middle Schools Girls Math/Science Workshop
  At Glacier Point, Yosemite
Marching @ CSUS
on the back porch of the Ponderosa

in Amparo
Canopy in Costa Rica

somewhere in SF

product placement in Amparo, SP

Campinas, SP 1998


Caesarea, Israel

Bocas del Toro, Panamá

Kathmandu, Nepal

w/ my new bike at Yosemite

its called art

hanging around the Ponderosa

Ouro Preto

World Cup, Ouro Preto


Mayflower House, Leiden, NL

Stanford, 2010

in D.C. at Obama's table

the girls our mothers wished we'd married
  cabelo, cabeludo...

Spencer & I with Dr. Rosa

With the key and Ubiratan

in front of Milton's old classroom
@ Disneyland

with our neighbor ladies!
in Ouro Preto, 2006

SF 2010

w/Braum at our wedding party
w/ Alejandra

canopy wiht Spencer in CR

w/ SDO in Berkeley

Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala


the new Xodo with SDO in Berkeley

w SDO in SFO

with Ellen @ Buch'n'Nellie's

in Grants Pass with SDO

w/ SDO in SMF

In the presence of greatness in Costa Rica

Joãozinho com sus tios na Disneyland


@ Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

At a 1989 Fundraiser in San Francisco
@ Chaco Canyon, New Mexico


Com Heloisa na Praça Tiradentes
W/ Spencer in the City


In Bodie
In Venice Beach with Spencer

In Our Preto

Furlough Friday in  Yosemite

Self Haifa shot




Haifa, Conference shot
Com Marger na Capitólio de Califórnia


With Boris at Glacier Point
Com Jaime na Capitólio de Califórnia
Tunnel View, Yosemite

Ankor Wat

In Costa Rica

Team Orey-Rosa UFOP 2011



Mt. Whitney, 1990



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